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1.10.2005 - 3bees as Internet Café?

8/21/2005 - Safe for Your Recording

5/1/2005 - 10 % Discount - Book in Time!!

3/31/2005 - Czech "Grammy" for Us!...

1/7/2005 - 5 Days for F R E E !!!!




5/1/2005 - 10 % Discount - Book in Time!!

detailFor every month you book in advance you get 1 % discount. Therefore if you plan recording in time, you will markedly save your money.

In the last year, interest in our studio has been such that we adopted double-shift service and extended recording frequencies. Every day we start at 9 AM and work untill 11 in the evening.

We can not bear such an overload for a long time, so please, do not postpone booking for the eleventh-hour time (especially if you want to get the record finished at twelwe). We are known as accomodating to everyone's needs whenever possible, and it still holds. What is new is that if you want, you can ease us and your budget.

Since now, besides the other discounts, we award "intimers". He who books April recording in January gets 4 intimers (4 %). Cunning old fox books ten months in advance and gets 10 % discount.

If you want to save money, book in time!

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