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"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"


Kontakty na Včelky

  • 21 years, thousands of projects and more than 1000 clients, all genres (including Japanase cimbalom, Chinese rock and Mongolian rap...)
  • we do spoken word, radio commercials, team up with talent scouts and music clubs, record live performances (including video), provide mastering, duplication CD/DVD, compose music for commercials and movies, arrange, teach, write articles...
  • however, our real strength (and passion) lies at work with music bands, because: "...music is the best!"
  • we are happy to cooperate with producers and we have many contacts in Czech recording industry

3bees studio nahrávací prostory 10x5x4m Holešovice


3bees studio postprodukce Koldínova Žižkov


2Wings nahrávají live ve 3bees studiu


  • great SOUND isn't good enough for us - we care about IMPRESSION and your success, our and our producers' approache is active, challengefull and creative
  • we don't take ourselves too seriously, what we do take seriously is You and Your music
  • all 3bees sound engineers are musicians so they know the studio from the other side. They provide the best possible conditions for artists to keep their live-show feeling and groovy atmosphere.
  • and this is what we pursue especially when we mix your music - we don't make sound for sound engineers, neither for musicians - we make sound for the audience!
  • maybe that's the reason why recordings we produce are awarded (ANDĚL for Traband, DESKA DESEK for V. Třešňáka) and get many 5 star reviews


Špičková bicí sada Gretsch Renown Maple


Sbírka mikrofonů 3bees studia činí něco přes 50 kousků...

Kladívkové piano Korg SP-250
"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"

3bees recording studio - recording studio and house of musical service, since 1994 (Demos, Live & Loud)