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"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"

1.10.2005 - 3bees as Internet Café?

8/21/2005 - Safe for Your Recording

5/1/2005 - 10 % Discount - Book in Time!!

3/31/2005 - Czech "Grammy" for Us!...

1/7/2005 - 5 Days for F R E E !!!!




1.10.2005 - 3bees as Internet Café?

In every good hotel these times, you can find a Wi-fi spot — a place for wireless internet connection. Now it is available in the 3bees studio as well, because the studio is always the top in modern technology usage.

What could a band need when recording in a studio? Microphones, mixing console... — anything else? After 11 years of experience, we already know that musicians' needs are unlimited. But in an emergency moment, anything could be important!

Thus today, you can find in our studio:

  • all imaginable connectors, plugs, wires, guitar picks of any thickness, drum-sticks, strings, batteries, pegs and tapes of all types; even some headache pills and ear plugs...
  • besides all basic instruments (grand piano included): tens of percussion instruments, drums and bells, old pots or a collection of "vintage" analogue machines
  • bank of film noises, thousands of samples, hundreds of loops, contacts to "emergency" guitar repairers, menders or "sighters" — musicians and singers able to sight-read and sight-sing sheet music
  • room where you can hide and take a nap after a hard night, read hundreds of musical magazines, play chess or cards — or listen how your sophisticated recording would sound on a commercial "farting hi-fi "
  • refrigerator full of drinks; coffee, tea, cakes, crackers and biscuits, cold water from a barrel — or something stronger to "get high"...
  • laser printer, scanner, copier, and manuscript paper
  • now even a top computer with broad band connection to internet where you can find anything you need at bottom, write your lyrics or create a CD cover, read e-mails or download important files — or just relax by playing wonderful computer games...

All this is for free. We just strive that you feel good in our studio and find there anything you could need.









"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"
3bees recording studio - recording studio and house of musical service, since 1994 (Demos, Live & Loud)