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"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"

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Live acoustics

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Flexibility, speed, wide spectrum

All customers are equally important

Your wish is an order for us

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Our Pluses
Live acoustics
  • staggered materials, soft wood, oblique surfaces, stone, plamafon...
  • in front of the stone wall, the drum set sounds as already recorded...
  • many musicians record at studios that steal their words from their mouths by oversoftening the sound
  • it is a great mistake: not even the best instrument can ring out well
  • our way is the opposite one: "either it sounds well, or it is wrong"
  • sounds pretty logical, yeah... (but too many bands let their natural sound be ruined!)
We are sought for congenial music direction
  • 16 years of practice, 400 bands, several thousands of mixed tracks
  • all our "know-how" is here for your full disposal
  • we are glad and successful when working with producers and characters
  • we are active musicians, we can play several instruments, sing, compose, and arrange
  • we know well the opposite side: face to face with a microphone
  • thanks to this experience we follow the motto: don't do unto others what you don't like...
We can flexibly satisfy a broad spectrum of requests and customers
  • fit our working way to your wallet content
  • listen to your visions, opinions, and ideas, even the craziest ones
  • feel and help you to create the atmosphere you need
  • would you like to record all the band at once, demo in one day, 240 MIDI tracks, or to sing lying in a bed?
Every music and every customer is equally important for us
  • don't ask whether we like your music... we always do!
  • once in work we love country music as well as heavy metal
  • we root for you, your success is our success, your secret is our secret as well
  • our style is to be the fifth unseen member of the Beatles
  • which means to make it the way you would make it if you had our potency and experience
Your wish is an order for us
  • you are the centre of our interest, not our unsatisfied ambitions
  • you will not hear from us: "don't want me to do that, I'd never sign it"
  • we sell our service, not ourselves
  • however it might sound paradoxically, our aim is not the best record...
    ...but the most gratified customer!
We never quit learning, investing and improving
  • on Mondays we do not work in the studio... yet we do nevertheless!
  • doctors have exams after several years of study, we graduate with each band
  • acoustics, psychoacoustics, psychology, cross critique, spectrum, instrumentation, form, harmonics, composition, microphone tests, new technologies, computer programs, playing technique, improvisation, feeling, aura, fluid...
  • sound engineering is endless story, ethernal quest, neverending adventure


"We aren't best recording studio in Czech republic,
we're The Best Recording Studio in The World!"
3bees recording studio - recording studio and house of musical service, since 1994 (Demos, Live & Loud)